About me

I was introduced to Mechaton at a housecon several years ago, roughly 2007 I think. I fell in love with it instantly. As soon as I could I ran out and bought Lego sets and started assembling mechs. You can see some of those early attempts in my Photobucket account. I still have most of them in some form or other. I rarely disassemble things. Later that year I went to Gencon for the first time where I purchased the rules and a kit of Classic mechs. I also met Vincent and Joshua for the first time. And up until recently, this would be the only place I would see them despite living in the same state. After that I didn't look back. I built mechs and played at every opportunity. I talked about it whenever and where-ever I could. I watched as interest in the game waxed and waned; waiting for the day that it would rise ascendant.  Then Mobile Frame Zero happened.

So here I am, with you, today. Wallowing in the creativity, passion, and drive of the burgeoning Mobile Frame Zero community.