The MFZ Community

The Home Page
Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack -- The home-page.

This is the main quartet where the majority of conversation about MFZ is taking place.

MFZ Player Tools
The Commander's Handbook -- An app/online tool for pre-/during/post-game play.
MFZ Rules -- An online source for the rules of Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack.

Mechaton @ Anyway -- The birthplace of the game.
Xenoglyph --Joshua's site.
Dark Cloud --  This blog has recently started doing set reviews for MFZ.
Hangar21 -- This blog has had a resurgence in the last few days.

MFZ Passing Reference
500 Nuances de Geek -- A French gaming blog that is slowly translating the background of MFZ into French.
Iblitz Corporation -- A French blog that has a few entries about MFZ.
Ludo Box -- A French blog with a few posts about MFZ written by Ybliss.
Tabletop Terrain -- a blog by c0d3monk33 that's recently started talking about MFZ.
誰-覚書 -Zizy's blog.  (Included due to his lego mecha building.)

Dead Blogs
Dices Are Not For Eating -- You want to do rule mods? Read here first.
Arcadia: A Mobile Frame Zero World -- A new blog detailing the setting of one MFZ campaign.
Bots of Westeros -- The new blog version of the old Tumblr site.
Cheap MFZ -- a blog dedicated to Single Set Challenges and cheap Lego.
A Few Bricks Short -- A recent Lego blog that also is posting about MFZ.
The Last Transit Gate -- a blog written by Grass4hopper from the Hangar.
Mechaton @ Attacks of Opportunity -- A few alternate rules.
Mechaton @ Divnull -- Wordman is the gentleman who is doing all the instructions for building mechs in MFZ.
Mechaton @ Mental Propinquity -- A couple of fun Mobile Frame Zero posts.
Mechatonic -- An oldy but a goody.
Mechs and the City -- a blog by rudemech.
MFZ Spain -- A page dedicated to bringing MFZ to Spanish speakers.
MF0 IRC blog --A blog that covers the discussion on the MFZ IRC channel.
No BS, Just ABS -- The Grand-daddy of MFZ blogs.
Orion 6 -- MittenNinja's old blog.
Quasar Mech Works -- Another short lived blog.
The Transit Gate -- MittenNinja's new podcast.
Tyrona -- An alternate setting for MFZ.
XG5 Systems -- A blog by XGundam05 from the Hangar.

Disappeared Blogs
Mechaton France -- Dead and gone, which is a shame 'cause it seemed like the author was having fun.
MFDF -- A dedicated alt-universe MFZ blog, now gone.
MFZ Homebrew Rules -- Another disappeared blog that specialized in new rules for MFZ.

Message Boards
Mobile Frame University -- The "official" MFZ Discord channel.
Toys N Bricks -- If you are interested in Lego deals, you should be here.  Don't be a leech.
Barf Forth Apocalyptica -- Vincent's message board.
Chilean MFZ Facebook page.  -- What it says on the tin.
French MFZ Facebook page. -- Ditto.
Hungarian MFZ Facebook page. -- Ditto.
Mechaton @ -- Yeah, I've had a lot to do with the discussion there.
MFZ @ Something Awful forums -- Looks like there's some conversation going on here.
MFZ/sub-Reddit -- Quade81 has such nice things to say about my blog.
Mechaton @ Boardgamegeek
MFZ @ Boardgamegeek

Badass MoF0 Mecha Frames -- A Pinterest page with a cool selection of pictures of MFZ frames.
Lego  -- Another Pinterest page with MFZ scale lego mecha.
Lego FTW! -- Another pinterest page, this has a few creations that are a little large for MFZ but still look really neat.
Legos -- A Pinterest page by M.J. Bauer, of C6 fame.
MFØ -- Another.
Mobile Frame Zero -- And another.
Mobile Frame Zero: Lego Mechs -- And yet another.
Minis-Mobile Frame Zero -- Another!
Mobile Frame Zero -- This one is from Woodelph who has a blog called Mental Propinquity that I have listed up in the "Blog" section.
Mobile Frame Zero #MFZ -- One more.
Mobile Frame Zero Mech Instructions -- A dead Pinterest page.
Robotix -- This contains non-Lego images but looks to be full of interesting pictures.
Robots (Lego Mechs and other futuristic creations) -- There's a lot of bigger creations on this Pinterest page.
Mecha Inspiration -- A Pinterest page curated by Phayze of the MFZ community.
Lego SNOT -- This Pinterest page features all sorts of Lego SNOT connections that may prove useful to builders in general.

Bots of Westeros -- Combining MFZ with A Game of Thrones.
Harmful Mechanic -- Soren's design tumblr.
Drawn On Phone -- This one features a bunch of WiPs.
Tagged/Mobile-Frame-Zero -- This is a Tumblr that Carbonbass has posted a lot to.
Pimp My Bricks -- A tumblr page with a really unfortunate title.  Some really nice choices for pictures though.

Mobile Frame Zero test -- A page by Doc Evilonavich.
Mobile Frame Zero: Prototype 1 -- By KarolineDianne.
Mobile Frame Zero Objectives  -- By Magical Tuba Pixie.
MFZ Ground Lancer Heavy -- A LDD frame by Xeno-Striker.  Looks like a MGN variant, but I could be wrong.
Sigmund -- A mech by Lord Icarus.
Lego Mech Squad -- A set of mechs by Illogictree.
NT-103 Bandit -- By HeroicSpartanMan51.

A video about terrain for MFZ.
Captain's Challenge 4 -- A short Youtube video showing off a couple of MFZ scale mechs.
Captain's Challenge Day 5 -- Apparently there's a sequel.  :-)
Lego Mech + Instructions -- Another one from the creator of the prior two.
Here's a few from a young kid.  He sounds pretty enthusiastic.  Give 'em a look.
Gear MOC has a bunch of designs for MFZ but all of them aren't listed on his channel page.
An interview with Malcolm Craig & Joe Murphy, which I've already posted a link to in a previous blog entry.
Here's a whole game from Ced23ric on the Hangar.  It is in German though.
Here's an animated view of one of Ced23ric's frames.
Mini Lego Robot Instructions. -- This video shows the construction of five mechs.  They're small and kind of simple.
How to Create Awesome Lego Weapons. -- A video featuring the construction of some weapons.  A lot of the pictures are blurry.  Both this and the previous video feature music rather than a voice over.
Lego How-to 2: Heavy Power Armor. -- This video is for "heavy power armor" but should be easily adaptable to MFZ.  Nice animation.  Another video with music rather than voice-over.
Micro Mech 01. -- This video just shows off the mech, but it is available on e-Bay.
LEGO Pacific Rim - Jaeger Gipsy Danger. -- It's way too large for MFZ but you may be able to modify it a bit and get it back into scale.
Lego Mecha (Moc) #1 - Tiger. -- It has an interesting opening torso.

High Shelf Gaming: Lego Gaming -- An episode on Lego based games.  They start talking about MFZ at the 27:27 mark.  Their knowledge of clone bricks is a little suspect though.

General Sites
ipernity MFZ Group -- Yeah, I'm flogging this again.
MFZERO Flickr group -- This Flickr group is dedicated to MFZ creations "in the brick".

MFZ Kickstarter -- There's some great conversation here.
MFZ: Intercept Orbit Kickstarter -- Even more here.
Mobile Frame Hangar -- A source for LDraw files.
MFZ Wiki -- The wiki for our community.
FullBroadsides.Com/MobileFrame -- It's one page with a few pictures and a brief mention of MFZ.
Here's an article on MFZ with some discussion.
And a random Imgur post about building forces for MFZ.