The MFZ Community

The Home Page
Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack -- The home-page.

This is the main quartet where the majority of conversation about MFZ is taking place.
MFZ Flickr Group
Mobile Frame Hangar Forums
MFZ Facebook Group
MFZ University (Discord channel)

MFZ Player Tools
The Commander's Handbook -- An app/online tool for pre-/during/post-game play, created by Blorf of the MoF0 community.
MFZ Rules -- An online source for the rules of Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack.
Mobile Frame Zero Roller -- Created by calculus of the MoF0 community.
MFZ Condensed -- A streamlined version of the rulebook.

Mechaton @ Anyway -- The birthplace of the game.
Xenoglyph --Joshua's site.
Dark Cloud --  This blog has recently started doing set reviews for MFZ.
Hangar21 -- This blog has had a resurgence in the last few days.

MFZ Passing Reference
500 Nuances de Geek -- A French gaming blog that is slowly translating the background of MFZ into French.
Iblitz Corporation -- A French blog that has a few entries about MFZ.
Ludo Box -- A French blog with a few posts about MFZ written by Ybliss.
Tabletop Terrain -- a blog by c0d3monk33 that's recently started talking about MFZ.
誰-覚書 -Zizy's blog.  (Included due to his lego mecha building.)

Dead Blogs
Dices Are Not For Eating -- You want to do rule mods? Read here first.
Arcadia: A Mobile Frame Zero World -- A new blog detailing the setting of one MFZ campaign.
Bots of Westeros -- The new blog version of the old Tumblr site.
Cheap MFZ -- a blog dedicated to Single Set Challenges and cheap Lego.
A Few Bricks Short -- A recent Lego blog that also is posting about MFZ.
The Last Transit Gate -- a blog written by Grass4hopper from the Hangar.
Mechaton @ Attacks of Opportunity -- A few alternate rules.
Mechaton @ Divnull -- Wordman is the gentleman who is doing all the instructions for building mechs in MFZ.
Mechaton @ Mental Propinquity -- A couple of fun Mobile Frame Zero posts.
Mechatonic -- An oldy but a goody.
Mechs and the City -- a blog by rudemech.
MFZ Spain -- A page dedicated to bringing MFZ to Spanish speakers.
MF0 IRC blog --A blog that covers the discussion on the MFZ IRC channel.
No BS, Just ABS -- The Grand-daddy of MFZ blogs.
Orion 6 -- MittenNinja's old blog.
Quasar Mech Works -- Another short lived blog.
The Transit Gate -- MittenNinja's new podcast.
Tyrona -- An alternate setting for MFZ.
XG5 Systems -- A blog by XGundam05 from the Hangar.

Disappeared Blogs
Mechaton France -- Dead and gone, which is a shame 'cause it seemed like the author was having fun.
MFDF -- A dedicated alt-universe MFZ blog, now gone.
MFZ Homebrew Rules -- Another disappeared blog that specialized in new rules for MFZ.

Message Boards
Mobile Frame University -- The "official" MFZ Discord channel.
Mobile Frame Zero -- on Pillowfort.Social.
Mobile Frame Zero -- on MeWe.
Toys N Bricks -- If you are interested in Lego deals, you should be here.  Don't be a leech.
Barf Forth Apocalyptica -- Vincent's message board.
Chilean MFZ Facebook page.  -- What it says on the tin.
French MFZ Facebook page. -- Ditto.
Hungarian MFZ Facebook page. -- Ditto.
Mechaton @ -- Yeah, I've had a lot to do with the discussion there.
MFZ @ Something Awful forums -- Looks like there's some conversation going on here.
MFZ/sub-Reddit -- Quade81 has such nice things to say about my blog.
Mechaton @ Boardgamegeek
MFZ @ Boardgamegeek

Badass MoF0 Mecha Frames -- A Pinterest page with a cool selection of pictures of MFZ frames.
Lego  -- Another Pinterest page with MFZ scale lego mecha.
Lego FTW! -- Another pinterest page, this has a few creations that are a little large for MFZ but still look really neat.
Legos -- A Pinterest page by M.J. Bauer, of C6 fame.
MFØ -- Another.
Mobile Frame Zero -- And another.
Mobile Frame Zero: Lego Mechs -- And yet another.
Minis-Mobile Frame Zero -- Another!
Mobile Frame Zero -- This one is from Woodelph who has a blog called Mental Propinquity that I have listed up in the "Blog" section.
Mobile Frame Zero #MFZ -- One more.
Mobile Frame Zero Mech Instructions -- A dead Pinterest page.
Robotix -- This contains non-Lego images but looks to be full of interesting pictures.
Robots (Lego Mechs and other futuristic creations) -- There's a lot of bigger creations on this Pinterest page.
Mecha Inspiration -- A Pinterest page curated by Phayze of the MFZ community.
Lego SNOT -- This Pinterest page features all sorts of Lego SNOT connections that may prove useful to builders in general.

Bots of Westeros -- Combining MFZ with A Game of Thrones.
Harmful Mechanic -- Soren's design tumblr.
Drawn On Phone -- This one features a bunch of WiPs.
Tagged/Mobile-Frame-Zero -- This is a Tumblr that Carbonbass has posted a lot to.
Pimp My Bricks -- A tumblr page with a really unfortunate title.  Some really nice choices for pictures though.

Mobile Frame Zero test -- A page by Doc Evilonavich.
Mobile Frame Zero: Prototype 1 -- By KarolineDianne.
Mobile Frame Zero Objectives  -- By Magical Tuba Pixie.
MFZ Ground Lancer Heavy -- A LDD frame by Xeno-Striker.  Looks like a MGN variant, but I could be wrong.
Sigmund -- A mech by Lord Icarus.
Lego Mech Squad -- A set of mechs by Illogictree.
NT-103 Bandit -- By HeroicSpartanMan51.

A video about terrain for MFZ.
Captain's Challenge 4 -- A short Youtube video showing off a couple of MFZ scale mechs.
Captain's Challenge Day 5 -- Apparently there's a sequel.  :-)
Lego Mech + Instructions -- Another one from the creator of the prior two.
Here's a few from a young kid.  He sounds pretty enthusiastic.  Give 'em a look.  Cannon Shell, Assault Spy, and Swamp Knifer.
Gear MOC has a bunch of designs for MFZ but all of them aren't listed on his channel page.
Shiro Geek World, although you have to go back two years to find the MFZ stuff.
An interview with Malcolm Craig & Joe Murphy, which I've already posted a link to in a previous blog entry.
Here's a whole game from Ced23ric on the Hangar.  It is in German though.
Here's an animated view of one of Ced23ric's frames.
Mini Lego Robot Instructions. -- This video shows the construction of five mechs.  They're small and kind of simple.
How to Create Awesome Lego Weapons. -- A video featuring the construction of some weapons.  A lot of the pictures are blurry.  Both this and the previous video feature music rather than a voice over.
Lego How-to 2: Heavy Power Armor. -- This video is for "heavy power armor" but should be easily adaptable to MFZ.  Nice animation.  Another video with music rather than voice-over.
Micro Mech 01. -- This video just shows off the mech, but it is available on e-Bay.
LEGO Pacific Rim - Jaeger Gipsy Danger. -- It's way too large for MFZ but you may be able to modify it a bit and get it back into scale.
Lego Mecha (Moc) #1 - Tiger. -- It has an interesting opening torso.

High Shelf Gaming: Lego Gaming -- An episode on Lego based games.  They start talking about MFZ at the 27:27 mark.  Their knowledge of clone bricks is a little suspect though.

General Sites
ipernity MFZ Group -- Yeah, I'm flogging this again.
MFZERO Flickr group -- This Flickr group is dedicated to MFZ creations "in the brick".

MFZ Kickstarter -- There's some great conversation here.
MFZ: Intercept Orbit Kickstarter -- Even more here.
Mobile Frame Hangar -- A source for LDraw files.
MFZ Wiki -- The wiki for our community.
FullBroadsides.Com/MobileFrame -- It's one page with a few pictures and a brief mention of MFZ.
Here's an article on MFZ with some discussion.
And a random Imgur post about building forces for MFZ.