Wednesday, March 27, 2013

PAX East Observations 2013

1.) My voice was still a little raw on Monday morning from all the talking I did over the weekend.

2.) Next year I'm going to attend for all three days of the con.  One day will be simply walking around and enjoying the con.

3.) There were a lot less people mentioning they had backed the Kickstarter this year.  Last year it felt like every other person I talked to mentioned the Kickstarter.  This year it was just a handful.

4.) There were a lot of people who saw the game that mentioned liking mecha and Lego.

5.) I did not get a chance to explore the con this year.

6.) I did see lots of neat mechs from Vincent and Sebastian though.

7.) I did not get to talk to Vincent and Joshua as much as I'd have liked.

8.) I didn't see Jerry Holkins, "Tycho", this year.  I have no idea if he stopped by the booth at all.  Which is a shame as I had a couple of comics I wanted him to sign.

9.)  I'm not seeing any MFZ photos from the con on Flickr which is really disappointing.

10.) I should get business cards printed up so I can tell people about the blog and MFZ.

11.) I really need to get the problems with the Hangar sorted so I can tell people to go there and register.  We really need a central "meeting house" for the MFZ community and right now the one we have is faulty.  I know it's one of the Five Geek Social Fallacies to want to include everyone, BUT, I really want to share this thing I love with other people who seem to share this interest and who want to join in the fun.

12.) I really need to come up with a short form scenario and squad compositions so I can run short demos for people who don't have time for a full game.

13.) I need to find a better cheat sheet for demoing.  The one I use currently was designed for Mechaton and the way I fill it out is a little confusing for people who are not me.

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