Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Single Set Challenge, Redux

Last year I posted a challenge to the community called the Single Set Challenge.  It involves using only the pieces from one set to build a frame -- or frames.  I've tried it twice.  The first was the SpAAT which I made from two sets and a handful of my own parts.  The second, and closest I've come, is the Bullfrog which needed one single outside piece.

Recently two builders have stepped up to the Challenge.  Both have succeeded, but in wildly different ways.

The first is Gusindor.  He came at the SSC from a mostly normal direction.  He just went bigger than I stipulated in the "rules".  The Rusty Rovers uses set 31005 to create five frames and three stations.  That's enough to play a game right off the bat.

The second is darksyntax.  He was inspired by a question on G+ about using a basic brick set to build enough frames for a few players.  MFZ-6177 is the answer to that question.  He even takes the time to give you a breakdown of the parts count and how they're used.

Awesome job guys.

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