Monday, October 14, 2013

Frame Fascination

Once in a while certain frames will grab your attention. It happened first to me with the Classic, and then with my Crab Mecha, and also with my Hecaton frame.  Now it's happening again with my Drache Ei frame.  It's not just the build, even though I'm having fun building using only Kre-O pieces.  I'm developing a background for these frames and that is weaving its way into tiny details in how I build each one.  I'm having a lot of fun building these and thinking about how each design comes together.  I've actually put together a full squad.

As you can see there are now four different variations.  There's the base model, the "C" variant, the "A" variant, and the "S" variant.  Each one has minor variations in the build that sets them apart beyond the attachments.

The base model is 2Rd+d8 (twin machineguns) /1B (armored body) /1G (wheeled feet) /2W.  Flickr page.

The "C" -- for Close Combat -- Variant is 2Rh+d8 (flamethrowers) /1B (armored body) /1G+d8 (wheeled feet + rocket boosters) /2W.  Flickr page.

The "A" -- for Artillery -- Variant is 2Ra+d8 (twin cannons) /1B (armored body) /1G (wheeld feet) /2W.  Flickr page.

The "S" -- for Scout -- Variant is 1B (armored body) /1G+d8 (wheeled feet + rocket boosters) /2Y (expanded comms + scanners) /2W.  Flickr page.

The only thing I really need for these are more 1x2 plates in different colors to tell the difference between the unmodified versions, and Single Shot Rockets.  Although I have an idea of what I'm going to use for SSRs.


  1. I'm really digging how these guys are turning out! I love the scout and the use of those night vision goggle pieces. Also, I'm totally jealous of those "minigun barrel" pieces. Ive wanted to use them for quite awhile but I can't bring myself to buy the sets that they come in at full price. Maybe I'll luck out and find some on clearance somewhere.

    1. Thanks. I've been sitting on that goggle unit for a couple of weeks trying to find the right piece to attach it to. You just missed a Kre-O BOGO50% sale last week.

  2. Even though they're visually very similar, they've got a lot of personality. Very nice design!