Monday, April 21, 2014

Non-Human 10

Here's some pics to look at because it's a holiday for me and I'm feeling lazy.

Chasm Heavy by Ironbricks.  A fairly simple and clean-lined design.

Something Different by A Plastic Infinity.  This one is definitely different.  I'm not sure it would hold up as a game piece, but it has construction techniques that are intriguing.

"Fawn" Seeker Drone by Trash Can Man.  I'm not sure I like this one.  It is an interesting build though.

Untitled by Mechanekton.  This one has an interesting connection between Clip Tiles and Grille Plates.

Box Bot by The Beetle125.  I'm not sure how you'd stat this up for MFZ but, putting a squad of these on the table definitely would be fun.

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