Friday, May 22, 2015

Purity: BrickForge Review 3

This is the point of the review process where things get a little hinky.  In this and the next one we'll start looking at some of the non-weapon pieces you can order.

We'll start with the Cleaver.  As you can see, it's tiny even in the hands of the Classic.  I'm not sure it will work as a weapon but you may be able to use it for some sort of greeble.  Still not sure why I bought this.  It doesn't really fit any scale but doesn't have any problem connecting.

Rating: C+ (-10)

Next is the Energy Meter.  As you can see, it's a copy of the PK Meter from Ghostbusters.  It fits one scale and doesn't have any problem connecting.

Rating: A (+15)

Here we have the Flashlight.  It has a "combat bezel" so the end is a little jagged.  It could function as a Lightsaber handle in a pinch.  It fits both scales and doesn't have any problem connecting.

Rating: A+ (+20)

Flask.  This piece, and the next, might function well as a muzzle on some sort of firearm.  Or possibly a Single Shot Rocket.  Otherwise, beyond being a greeble, I don't see any use for this in MFZ.  Scale doesn't really matter and doesn't have any problem connecting.

Rating: B+ (+5)

Potion Bottle.  See above.

Rating: B+ (+5)

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  1. LEGO has these, in two-tone: