Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Battle Report: Twice as Much!! (Part 1)

Eight of us got together to game at the Whiz in Westborogh, MA on May 22nd.  This allowed us to play two simultaneous games.  This is the battle report for the game I was in.  The other battle report will be later in the week.

The point totals for the beginning of the game were as follows:
A Team (3 frames & 11 systems) = (7 Points per Asset) * (5 assets) = 35 points.  (Cyclops)
Me (4 frames & 15 systems) = (4 Points per Asset) * (6 assets) = 24 points.  (Daemons)

Narbey (4 frames & 16 systems) = (3 Points per Asset) * (6 assets) = 18 points. (Skitterers)
Occam's Spork 
(4 frames & 16 systems) = (3 points per asset) * (6 assets) = 18 points.

Here are the pictures from the start of the game.

Events of Turn 1 (DDC@11): Narbey grabs one of Occam's Spork's Stations.  I seize one of Narbey's Stations he left undefended.  One of Occam's Spork's frames moved to the top of a silo and then had it shot out from under it, doing one damage.

End of Turn 1 pictures.

A Team: 35 points.
Me: 24 points.
Narbey: 18 points.
Occam's Spork: 18 points.

Events of Turn 2 (DDC@8): My Purple frame makes a run and seizes one of A Team's Stations.  Narbey's Lime Skitterer engages A Team's Black frame then seizes the other one.

End of Turn 2 pictures.

Me: 28 points.
A Team: 21 points.
Narbey: 21 points.
Occam's Spork: 18 points.

Events of Turn 3 (DDC@6): Narbey seizes one of my Stations.  A Team destroys one of Narbey's frames and takes the Station it was defending.  For some reason I don't have pictures for Turn 3.
Me: 28 points.
A Team: 28 points.
Narbey: 18 points.
Occam's Spork: 15 points.

Events of Turn 4 (DDC@3): My Yellow Daemon makes a run for Occam's Spork Station and misses by one unit on the ruler.  Occam's Spork seizes the Station I had taken from Narbey and left undefended. Occam's Spork destroys my Blue frame and takes the Station it was defending.  A Team destroys my Purple frame and takes back the Station I captured from her.  A Team and Narbey tick down the clock to end the game.

End of Turn 4 pictures.

A Team: 35 points.
Occam's Spork: 21 points.
Narbey: 18 points.
Me: 8 points.

Thoughts & Observations:
  • We actually had enough players for two simultaneous games!
  • I hate thin tables.
  • Occam's Spork might have been able to take the game if he had made a move one turn earlier.
  • But then again his damage rolls were awful so staying turtled might have been a good idea.
  • People seemed to like the new terrain pieces.
  • We actually remembered to play with a normal compliment of Single Shot Rockets, and they got used during the game.
  • A Team had the high body count in this game with two Frame kills to her credit.
  • We used the Elevation and Falling rules.

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