Monday, December 11, 2017

Demo Kit Starter Set

So with Pax Unplugged happening a little over three weeks ago, talk of Starter Kits, sources for parts, and other such talk ramped up in frequency again.  This led to me thinking a bit about the topic and I came up with an idea, a Starter Demo Kit.  What do I mean?  a set made so you can run demonstrations of the game.  Eight Frames -- four sets of teams of two -- four small walls, four large walls, a Station, a Ruler, and enough dice to play.  It would also be a group starter kit, allowing a group of friends to start playing right out of the game.  It could also -- possibly -- act as a starting point for someone wanting to  build a squad.

This is the Frame design I'm going to use, Soren's Conscript.  They won't be in those exact colors, but the Attachments will be the same.

These are what the
walls would be like.

This is a quick mock-up of the Station.

Here's a group picture,
along with a Ruler.

Keep in mind these are all mock-ups and not the final items.

Now, this isn't going to be cheap.  I'll be sourcing all the parts from Lego Pick-A-Brick so I won't be able to look for the cheapest option.  Why?  Because it's a single source and I don't have the time to invest in looking through individual Bricklink stores.  Right now the math is putting this at $150 USD and that's before I factor Shipping costs.

So what does everyone think?  Yes?  No?  Special Snowflake?  Thoughts?  Criticism?  I'm going to put at least one of these together just to see if it can be done and what costs and lead times are like.  The final goal is to sell these at PAX East if there's any interest at all.

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  1. I hope this becomes a thing, really interested