Friday, February 23, 2018

Build Journal: Zizy Vehicles

Years ago, Zizy posted a set of vehicles to his blog and they caught the imagination of the MFZ community.  Zeekhotep talked about them on his blog.  They were discussed on the Hangar.  And they've been discussed on the Discord channel as well.  Zizy calls them 1/72 scale and Zeekhotep says they're perfect for 7P scale.

After the discussion on the Discord channel I figured I'd take a crack at them and see what I could do.

Here's my first attempt at the chassis.  This worked, but the rest of the vehicle was only attached by one stud and was able to rotate out of position.

Here's my second attempt.
This version held the top steady
and didn't allow it to rotate.

Here's what it looks like fully assembled.

After assembling the proof of concept and seeing that it
worked, I decided to try and change it into a better
looking color scheme and make it look a little "sportier".

Then I went a little nuts and built a bunch more, including an "18 wheeler".

Here's a size comparison shot.

Hopefully this gives you the first step you need to assemble your own.

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