Friday, July 6, 2018

Bulk Smash

One of the locations of Bricks & Minifigs -- the Southington, Connecticut one to be specific -- is running an event on Sunday (7/8/18).  This event is called a "Bulk Smash" and part of the profits are going to charity.  It starts at 6 pm and you have to pre-register.  The phone number is 1-860-385-1007.  The address is 1173 Queen St., Southington, Connecticut 06489.  Here are some specifics from the e-mail I received.

"For those of you who may not know, our BAM family member Amber was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She is thankfully going to make a full recovery but will be out of work for a month or more. To show our support we are offer a portion of the proceeds for the bulk smash sales to Amber. 100% of the profits from any additional buckets that are purchased the night of the event will go directly to Amber. We hope you can make it!

What is bulk smash you ask?
Bulk Smash is an exclusive after hours event jam packed with giant tubs of loose Lego pieces for you to pick through.
-pre registration is required
-$30 gets you a bucket to fill with $40 worth of bulk, access to tubs that have never been sorted through, and refreshments
***Every person who comes through the door must purchase a bucket. If you are planning to bring children plan accordingly***

Company website is here.

I'm planning on attending, so I hope to see you there.

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