Friday, September 27, 2013

Transformers Rules Draft

Inspired by a topic over on the Hangar, and borrowing very heavily from Ajax's ideas, here's a rough draft of some rules for implementing Transformers in MFZ
  • A transformable frame has two modes.
  • A transformable frame can only transform during its turn.
  •  It has to have a Transformer System.  When that system is destroyed the frame is locked into its current mode.
  • A transformable frame has a different system loadout in each of its modes, while still having a maximum of four systems.
  • A transformable frame cannot have more than two systems and the Transformer system in each mode.
Okay, how this works is this, we'll make a Soldier archetype into a transformer.  It has 2Rd/1B/1G/1Y/1T/2W.  The T is the Transformer system.  In Mode 1 it has 2Rd/1B/1T/2W, and Mode 2 is 1G/1Y/1T/1d8G/2W.  See how that works?  You could also go 2Rd/1Y/1T/2W and 1B/1G/1T/1d8G/2W, or any number of other combinations.  This gives us a reason to have two forms -- beyond the coolness factor of transforming -- and simulates the different capabilities of each mode.  It also forces people to make choices about which mode they want to be in for the turn which is one of the main purpose of the rules of MFZ.

Technically a transforming frame can have five systems but, since it has no more than three in any one mode, I think we can handwave that away.

 How's that for a start?

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