Friday, March 14, 2014

Review: 21013 Big Ben

We finish the week with a set I picked as being a "Good Set For Parts".   Is it odd that all three sets this week started with the letter "B"?

This set retails for $29.99, which yields a price per piece of $0.09.

The instruction book once again contains more information than a usual one.  It's also thicker than the ones from the last two sets I reviewed combined.  Not surprising since it's older than both locations combined.

Parts 1.  Two big plates, a bunch of 1x1 Round Plates, one 1x1 plate, and a bunch of 1x1 tiles.

Parts 2.  A few 1x1 Cones, 1x1 Bricks w/Studs on 2 Sides, a lot of 1x2 Plates, and a bunch of Small Jumper Plates.

Parts 3.  57 1x1 Round Bricks, a bunch of 1x2 Grille Tiles, some 1x2 Tiles, 1x1 Tiles, and 1x1 Plates.

Parts 4.  Down in the lower right, Travis Bricks!  The 2x2x2 Cone Brick is pretty neat.  Then you have a bunch of Plates and Bricks.  Not a bad selection in this bag.

The Questions:
Can you build a frame, or frames, right away?  You might be able to, but it would be very blocky.  You definitely should be able to make some terrain and a decent Station right out of the gate.  (+0)
Is it below, at, or above the golden ratio?  At retail price, below.  (+5) (The Golden Ratio is $0.10 per part.)

If you can't build a frame right away, or choose not to, does it have parts you should be able to put into use right away?  Yes.  (+5)
Does it have more than a handful of immediately useful parts? Yes.  (+5)
Score: +15 (A).  It's a good a set.  It has a lot of Tan pieces and a handful of Travis bricks.  You could make a building for use as terrain in your game if you're going for a Giant Robot scale game.

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