Monday, June 16, 2014

Random Bits

Here's a few pieces of information for your Monday morning.

Sale Alert.
Target is running a sale of $25 each on three different Lego Movie sets.  These sets are already a good deal and this just enhances it.  Other Movie, Creator, and City sets are also on sale.

Another Lego Ideas Submission.
Mugbearer has another submission to Lego Ideas.  In the FAQ he specifically calls out making a "Tabletop Miniatures Wargame" for his submission.  Hmmnnnnn, what if there already was one?  :-)

Neat 3rd party stuff.
I came across this from an article on Brickset.  A company called is making printed tiles in a few different sizes.  The smallest one is a 1x2 Tile.  I think this one may be my favorite.  They're based in England, so be careful about shipping costs when ordering.


  1. Not sale related but you should have a look at Halo Mega Bloks new micro series. There is a Mantis play set that looks very interesting right out of the box!

    1. You mean the ones with the helmet storage? I've seen them. The price per piece is too steep.