Friday, June 6, 2014

Single Set Challenge: 31145 Transformers Mirage Set

I had more fun with this one than the last two.  So much so that I've been trying to track down more copies of this set.

"Mirage Flier".  Stats: 2Rd+d8/1G/2W.

"Number One Frame".  A bit basic but it can
be built at the same time as the Mirage Flier.
Brickshelf gallery.

"Mirage Frigate".  A fun build, very swooshable.  I'd like to have a squadron of these for a Kre-O Intercept Orbit fleet.  Stats: 2Rd+d8/1Y/2W.
Brickshelf gallery.

"Communications Center" Station.  A lot better
than my previous attempts at Station building.
Brickshelf gallery.

"Mirage Walker".  I wanted something a little different for this build and the idea to use Kreon legs as "fingers" was a great bit of inspiration.  It can be built at the same time as the Communications Center.  Stats: 2Rd/2Rh+d8/1G/2W.
Brickshelf gallery.

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