Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Good Sets for Parts 9, Part 1

Since we're three weeks into the new year -- and I finally got my new catalog -- let's take a look at some of the sets that might be good for MFZ.

75076 Star Wars Microfighters Republic Gunship.  105 Pieces for $9.99.  Should make a good IO Frigate.

75077 Star Wars Microfighter Homing Spider Droid.  102 Pieces for $9.99.  Looks like it could be an Ijad frame.

75086 Star Wars Battle Droid Troop Carrier.  565 Pieces for $39.99.    14 Droid bodies and a bunch of SNOT pieces.

75078 Star Wars Imperial Troop Transport.  141 Pieces for $12.99.  The minifigs are useless but the main build should be possible to tighten up the main build into an IO Frigate.

75090 Star Wars Ezra's Speeder Bike.  253 Pieces for $19.99.  A fair amount of SNOT, a new piece, and a decent selection of colors.

70817 Batman & Super Angry Kitty Attack.  115 Pieces for $9.99.  Plenty of SNOT, plus back versions of these.

21301 Birds.  580 Pieces for $44.99.  A lot of plates, but also a lot of SNOT, a large selection of colors, and 13 different Medium Blue pieces.

70223 Icebite's Claw Driller.  629 Pieces for $49.99.  A wide selection of SNOT, Technic, and colors along with several new pieces.

70228 Vultrix's Sky Scavenger.  480 Pieces for $39.99.  Ditto.

31031 Rainforest Animals.  215 Pieces for $14.99.  A fair amount of SNOT, Hinges, Clip Plates, and colors.  Plus it's $0.07 per piece.

I've got more sets on my list, so I'll drop Part 2 later this week.


  1. I did exactly that with the imperial troop transport!

  2. How in the world can you call the minifigs useless?! Especially if you play Brikwars.

    1. But I don't play Brikwars. So I end up with a pile of parts that I don't use. Ergo, useless.