Friday, January 9, 2015

Scrambler/Strider, Revisited

For some reason the instruction page for Scramblers/Striders does not appear in my top ten visited of all time posts.  Is this because it's easier to build than any of the other designs, or because people don't like it?  Anyway.  I figured maybe this frame deserved another look.

Ijad Scramblers by The Hydromancer.  A squad
of Scramblers bought from

controversy over minifig scale creations, but this looks great.

Scrambler by A. Yates Industrials.  This one features
A. Yates typically excellent use of color blocking.

Scrambler V2 Company by Ced23Ric.  This squad features
excellent use of stickers, color, and non-typical parts.

Ijad 'Beloved of God' company by Malcolm Craig.  This squad 
features one of the only Suzerain frames I've seen "in the brick".

brickblend frame shows just what can be done with clone bricks.

Brandish by Xenovorous.  An interesting combination of a Scrambler and
a Nimrod II by Afny.  I can't believe I haven't blogged this before now.

Yeah, like wasn't going to include this.  :-)

I hope this kindles some interest in the Scrambler in
the community.  Go buy some, and some accents.


  1. The Superstrider looks like a slow moving herald of destruction....

  2. I Love the beloved of god squad. Hmmm. Despite being into Orbital intercept, I think I may just have to build a Ijad company just because.