Sunday, April 1, 2012

Building: The Scrambler/Strider

The first thing people generally do for Mobile Frame Zero is build mechs, even before reading the rules :-).  If you're not used to building with Lego putting the small parts together in an attractive and functional manner can be frustrating.  I'll try and help by looking at breakdowns of the official frames, naming some parts, and walking through the assembly process.

The Scrambler, at first, came in one variety, a simple four-legged torso with a couple of upper-body variations.  As you can see below.

Then Soren published the Strider variant and everyone in the MFZ community wigged out.  :-)

Here's the breakdown for the base model that Soren sent me.

This one is really straightforward.

Here's my version.

As you can see I changed the Travis Brick on the "Knees" to a Brick, Modified 1x1 w/Studs on 2 Sides mainly because I have more of them.

I initially thought that this was the least modified of all the frames.  Then I went through the MFZ Flickr group and found more than I expected.  Let's look at them, shall we?

Ijad Strider Precision Gunner by Jed September.  This looks to be the first Scrambler mod by someone other than Soren.

Combo Strider/Cub by ShaunGamer.  ShaunGamer was going to split this into its two sections until Joshua and I convinced him not to do so.

Ijad Strider Partial by Lord Dragon Master.  This one is only partially finished but it has parts lists in the comments.

 Hi-Leg Custom by Carbonbass.  Carbonbass calls this a modification of the Hi-Leg, but I view it more as a strange cross between a Hi-Leg and a Scrambler.  The chunky legs make this really unique.  I think all we need to see now is a Hi-Leg/Chub cross.

Ijad Bladespinner by True Mortality.  Another fantastic build by True Mortality.  It's also the only real Scrambler mod out there.

Ijad Commander by Lord Dragon Master.  LDM has been working at understanding the Strider frame by copying other versions of it.  In this version he really makes it his own.

With this post we finish the official frames for Mobile Frame Zero.  After this we will be moving on to other non-offical frames.

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