Sunday, April 15, 2012

Traffic Report

Now that I've upgraded my browser to IE9, which I resisted for a long time because I hate the way the interface looks, I have access to fun things like stats from Blogger.  Let's take a look at them.  :-)

Most Popular Posts
Building: The Hi-Leg (380 views)
Building: The Chub (320 views)
PAX East Report  (299 views)

Nothing really surprising there.

Referring URLs
The first two make sense, but the third is a complete mystery to me as I'm not a member of that forum.
Referring Sites
I'm sure the MFZ Facebook group is large but I barely maintain a presence over there.
Search Keywords
"mobile frame garage"
"mobile frame zero garage"
That one there in the middle is interesting.
Pageviews by Countries
United States
United Kingdom
No surpises there either.

This brings an end to this peak behind the curtain.

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