Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Scenery, Terrain, and Stations

Lately I find myself turning away from the focal point of the game -- mecha -- and concentrating on the things that make your gaming table look awesome.  I can understand the newcomers being fixated on mecha, they are the playing pieces of MFZ after all.  I just want my playing table to be visually dynamic along with giving visual clues to the story the players are trying to tell.

To accomplish this goal I'm building two to three pieces of scenery for each team along with a team-specific station.  I guess you could say my goal is making the equivalent of "that" table.  The one all gamers go "Oooohh" over and drool when they first see it.

This is where I started.  These are built for my team of Spider Mecha.

These guys.

This is my first build for the Butterfly Knight team.  Those are Hover Targets, designed to be target practice for ranged weapons carried by mecha.  It's part of the stations and scenery for these guys.

Here are some Soren designed houses, that I used recently while demoing MFZ at PAX East, and some cars that I made.

And this is what it all looks like when put together with some plant life.

I hope you all like what I've done and it gives you some inspiration for your own gaming tables.


  1. I would love to see a larger version of this last pic. When I click on these I just get a new window with the same size pic.

    1. Yeah. I have to save a larger version to my hard-drive. It is in the MFZ Flickr group if you feel like searching for it. Or you can go to the "PAX East Photos" post and click through the link to the person who took its Flickr stream.