Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Propaganda Wars in Mechaton/Mobile Frame Zero 2

Since my original post, other people have decided to join the fray.  Red Robot, Blorf, sBritcher, Gusindor, and even myself have jumped on the bandwagon.  Of course my designs pre-date everyone else's, so you could say that everyone else is just catching up to me.  :-)

The Krate, Kar-Tunn, TRUNDLE, Mitten, and the Stumpy are all small, affordable frames in a market clogged with oversized, overbuilt, piles of expensive parts.  ;-)  I could possibly include A YATES INDUSTRIALS may even be getting involved with his TUBs, but there's no trash talking coming from him.  Zerovirus has joined the fray with the Rumple.  Even Soren is getting in on the action, with something a little more Ijad looking!

C'mon, join us on the bandwagon, it's fun!

There's also a "clearinghouse" topic on the Hangar.  You can't tell the players if you don't have a program.

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