Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Propaganda Wars in Mechaton/Mobile Frame Zero

There was an old Mechaton campaign that was posted on the Storygames forum.  It was awesome for what was done outside of the games and not just what happened on the table.  Battle reports mixed with propaganda posts and storytelling driven by wargaming from Malcolm Craig and Simon Carryer led to a sum greater than the individual parts.  This was neat stuff.

There's something similar happening on the Hangar at the moment, although it doesn't actually involve any games of MFZ -- that I'm aware of.  Four different frame designs, Twanks, Clankers, Twanzers, and Squibs, are being pushed by four different creators, AtavismSkrob, Lorc, and FragsturBait respectively.  It's fun and interesting to see these people go at it -- and in the process weave a story -- without anything being contested on the table.

If anyone in the MFZ community knows of something similar that isn't posted on one of the big three social media spots -- the Hangar, the G+ group, or the Facebook page -- I'd like to hear about it.

Updated 2/25/15 @ 9:14 am EST.


  1. You messed up the links a little, one of them are the Clankers

  2. Don't forget Red Robot's Krate, which pushed the General over the edge entirely.

    1. I may have to do another post as the Krate -- and a few others -- was posted after this post was written.