Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Lego Ideas 3

Here's another set of Lego Ideas submissions that could prove useful to the MFZ community.

Hyperborea by Nick Royer.  While it may seem that this submission is minifig heavy, there are some set ideas that would be great for MFZ.  The Illuminati Kit for one, and the Mini-Hardsuit is another.

Turtle CS-1 and the Space Guys by Devid VII.  While the minifigs aren't useful, the turtle mech could be a good selection at 4P scale.

Eos Frame and Station by Accelerando.  I've mentioned his work before.  This is built specifically for MFZ, and mentions it by name in the description.

Micro Animals by Peter Thaler.  I've mentioned these before in another blog post and think they would make a great polybag set.

Hover Scout and Recharge Dock by iso3200.  This is a neat set I found through Brickset.  You should be able to build a couple of stations, some terrain, and maybe some sort of vehicular Frame from it.

Once again, I've backed all of these submissions.

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