Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Random Starships

I guess it's time to start a set of posts for Intercept Orbit to show people all the starships I come across on Flickr.

PLNT-class Seedship by Willis Reifsnyder.  This
looks like it's about the length of an IO Cruiser.

FTW by ska2d2.  You'd have to find a way to cut six studs
in length out of it, but this would look great on a game table.

Micro Sulaco by Grantmasters.  This
fits in right under the Frigate limit.

Bf-1 VTOL by rope fish.  Render.  Not
a starship but, could pass as one.

Micro SSV Normandy by the Mugbearer.  Shrink this down
a stud or two and it would make for a great looking Cruiser.

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