Monday, June 1, 2015

Random Mechs 13

A Monday booster of mecha goodness..

Crimson M-2 by Jasro8.  It looks nice and solid
and it doesn't try to get too fancy.  Nicely done.

little diorama. The mecha designs are simple and clean.

Mecha Wars: Grievous MK1 by Grantmasters.  A blend of
old parts and new techniques to create a Star Wars character.

is meant to be the pilot for a much larger mech but I think
it's interesting in and of itself.  It also carries a pilot!

Tau Fire Warrior Team by Garry_Rocks.  These are meant to be Warhammer 40K scale, but I think they might be good for MFZ.  Note: This is a render using parts colors that don't occur in real life.

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