Monday, June 8, 2015

Review: Gundam Converge Turn X

Another review of a Gundam "model" kit.

Box.  I paid $5.95 for this at Barnes & Noble.  There were no instructions included.

Parts.  This is the bag right out of the box.

Parts.  This is the body of the model.  The arms and the head come off.  We are also provided with two different right hands and a blast effect.

Parts.  This is the backpack and weapons along with the base.

The model is a little shorter than a Chub.  Only the arms move so it really can't be posed all that well.  You can disassemble it if it takes fatal damage during a game though.  Only the left hand can hold weapons.  You could find ways to stat out some combination of 2Rd, 2Rh, 2Ra, 1B, and 1Y with the parts provided.  A single model costs less than a Chub from  My usual rating system doesn't really work here so make of this what you will.

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