Monday, June 20, 2016

Build Journal: The T.U.R.D. Bot Revisited

After a discussion recently about entry costs to MFZ, I decided to revisit my T.U.R.D. Bot design and see how much it would cost to build the core via Lego Pick-A-Brick.  Here's the original post for reference.  I've built a lot of these since that post, it has also been named by Joel Raynor on the MFZ Facebook page.  As you can see, each one is slightly different.

Pick-A-Brick Parts List
Format = Part Number, Description, Quantity, Colors, Cost.
4871 Roof Tile 4x2/45° Inv. (x1) White. ($0.30 each)
3660 Roof Tile 2c2/45° Inv. (x2) Black, Blue, Brick Yellow, Dark Stone Grey, Medium Stone Grey, Red, Reddish Brown, White, Yellow. ($0.20 each)
30602 Front, 2x2, Sport (x2) Black. ($0.30 each)

76116 Bad Robot Arm (x2) Metallic Titanium. ($0.30 each)
10201 Angle Plate 1x2/1x4 (x2) Black, Red, White. ($0.20 each)
15712 Plate 1x1 w/Upright Holder (x2) Black , Dark Stone Grey, Medium Stone Grey, Red, Sand Green, White. ($0.15 each)
3062 Round Brick 1x1 (x2) Red, White, Yellow. ($0.10 each)

44302 Plate 1x2 w/Fork/Vertical/End (x2) Black, Dark Stone Grey, Medium Stone Grey. ($0.20 each)
15571 End Ridged Tile 1x2/45° (x2) Black. ($0.10 each)
2654 Slide Shoe Round 2x2 (x1) Black, Brick Yellow, Medium Stone Grey, Translucent, White. ($0.10 each)
88072 Plate 1X2 W. Vertical Schaft (x2) Dark Stone Grey, Medium Stone Grey, White. ($0.15 each)
60478 Plate 1x2 w/Shaft Ø3.2 (x4) White, Black, Medium Stone Grey, Dark Stone Grey. ($0.10 each)
2540 Plate 1x2 w/Stick (x1) Black, Dark Stone Grey, Medium Stone Gray, White. ($0.15 each)
3023 Plate 1x2 (x1) Black, Blue, Dark Stone Grey, Medium Stone Grey, Red, Reddish Brown, White, Yellow, plus more. ($0.10 each)
4274 Connector Peg w/Knob (x2) Blue, Medium Stone Grey. ($0.15 each)

Since the 2x2 Towball Plate isn't available in PaB, we'll have to substitute a few pieces.

14417 Plate 1x2 Ball Ø5.9 Middle (x2) Dark Bluish Grey.  ($0.25 each)

3022 Plate 2x2 (x1) .($0.15 each)

So that gives us a base price of $5.25 for each "torso".  You're on your own for Attachments as they can take so many different forms.

I also forgot one piece from the original Bricklink parts list.  (I've already included it on the PaB list.)

60478 Plate, Mod. 1x2 w/Handle on End (Closed Ends) (x4) Black, Blue, Dark Bluish Grey, Light Bluish Grey, Red, Reddish Brown, Tan, White, Yellow.

You could also substitute the following part.

18649 Plate, Mod. 1x2 w/Handles on Ends (x2) Black, Light Bluish Grey.

I hope you try to build a few and have as much fun as I have.

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