Friday, June 24, 2016

Good Sets for Parts 12

I stopped by my local Lego store the other day and grabbed a new catalog.

75145 Eclipse Fighter.  363 Pieces for $29.99.  A Star Wars set with an $0.08 Price per Piece.  Nice!

31049 Twin Spin Helicopter.  326 Pieces for $29.99.  Less pieces than the Star Wars set but no minifigs to discard.  Plenty of neat pieces and multiple color selections.

70600 Ninja Bike Chase.  231 Pieces for $19.99.  Plenty of useful pieces in Black, Dark Blay, and, Red.

70602 Jay's Elemental Dragon.  350 Pieces for $29.99.  Some good parts in Black, Dark Blay, and Light Blay, and some interesting stuff in Trans-Light Blue.

41172 Water Dragon Adventures.  212 Pieces for $19.99.  Interesting parts in Light Blay and Medium Azure.

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