Friday, January 6, 2017

Build Journal: Sentinel

Back in April of last year, over on the Hangar, Luke_BMM started the Cheapest Biped Challenge.  The point of the challenge was to build a cheap, reasonably sized biped Frame with parts available on the Lego Pick-A-Brick system.

This is my entry.  I had the initial thought of what would it be like if you combined Ball Joints with some building techniques from Zizy.

Here's the parts list with costs.

Front, 2x2, Sport (x1) (Color: Black, Category: Decoration Elements, Element ID: 4143875, Design ID: 30602, Price: $0.20, Total: $0.20)

Corner Plate 1x2x2 (x2) (Exact Color: Black, Category: Plates, Element ID: 242026, Design ID: 2420, Price: $0.07, Total: $0.14)

Flat Tile 2x2 (x1) (Category: Plates, Element ID: 306801, Design ID: 3068, Price: $0.07, Total: $0.07) Note: Since this piece will be used to differentiate the Frames from one another, I am not including a color.
Plate 2x4 (x2) (Exact Color: Dark Stone Grey, Category: Plates, Element ID: 4211065, Design ID: 3020, Price: $0.13, Total: $0.26)

Angular Plate 1.5 Bot. 1x2 1/2 (x2) (Exact Color: Dark Green, Category: Plates, Special, Element ID: 6099243, Design ID: 99780, Price: $0.13, Total: $0.26)

Plate 1x1 w/Holder Vertical (x2) (Exact Color: Black, Category: Plates, Special, Element ID: 4517925, Design ID: 61252, Price: $0.10, Total: $0.20)

Plate 1x2 Ball Cup/Friction Middle (x4) (Exact Color: Medium Stone Grey, Category: Plates, Special, Element ID: 6043656, Design ID: 14704, Price: $0.17, total: $0.68)

Plate 1x2 Ball Ø5.9 Middle (x4) (Exact Color: Dark Stone Grey, Category: Plates, Special, Element ID: 6039479, Design ID: 14417, Price: $0.17, Total: $0.68)

Hinge Plate 1x2 (x6) (Exact Color: Dark Green, Category: Functional Elements, Element ID: 6102767, Design ID: 19954, Price: $0.33, Total: $1.98)

Overall Total: $4.47  It's not a bad price, but those Hinge Plates really killed my total.

I've been thinking about putting together squads of these to sell at PAX East.  They'd have Stations and Attachments and be ready to play, except for dice.

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