Monday, February 20, 2017

Build Journal: Another Brick in the Wall

You'll have to forgive the title of this post.  Recently I came across a build on Flickr that I thought was interesting and it inspired me to create something similar.  Unfortunately I can't seem to find it again so I can't give an attribution.  One thing I changed is that I made it modular and I made it into a wall section for Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack.

I wanted to build it all in Tan but I don't have the proper pieces.  It should look pretty good sitting on top of a piece of felt of the proper color.

Here's a few shots with a Chub and a Classic for scale.

They can be clipped together to form different shapes.

There's an obvious third configuration I didn't photograph.

Each section will take one Hit before being reduced under the height limit for Cover.  At some point I may try to mass produce these to make terrain for another table setting I have in mind.

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