Monday, May 29, 2017

Good Sets for Parts 14

I've been sitting on this one for a while because I've been waiting for Bricklink inventories that still aren't done.  But since some of these sets are getting marked down now, I went with Brickset to finish it up.

70348 Lance's Twin Jouster -- 216 for $19.99.  Good parts in Black, Dark/Light Bley, Dark Blue, Trans-Orange, and White.  It's also $0.09 per piece.

70358 Aaron's Stone Destroyer -- 251 for $24.99.  Tons of parts in Dark/Light Bley, and plenty of Ball Joints.

70624 Vermillion Invader -- 313 Pieces for $29.99.  Tons of useful pieces in Black, Light/Dark Bley, and Red.  Plus some neat overmolded Minifig weapons.

70626 Dawn of Iron Doom -- 704 Pieces for $59.99.  This one's outside of the normal price range I recommend but, it has a good PpP ratio and there are a lot of good pieces in the set.

70623 Destiny's Shadow -- 360 Pieces for $29.99.  $0.08 Price per Piece and it has Olive Green Exo Force Arms!

70622 Desert Lightning -- 201 pieces for $19.99.  Same as 70624, but you can find this one at less than retail in Target right now.

41307 Olivia's Creative Lab -- 91 Pieces for $9.99.  A bunch of useful pieces in a range of colors.  Thank you, Friends.  This one would probably be really good for a parts draft.

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