Thursday, May 25, 2017

Random Mechs 20

I'm feeling lazy, so here's some stuff to ogle.

RX-7X 'Rhino' HAM by lego-nator.  This is a neat diorama.

Rex by Pasukaru76.  A nice 6P scale mech in my favorite color.

My Lego Hulkbuster 01 by mpchi.  A Hulkbuster
that might actually fit on a MFZ table.

MiniMecha Scout by lazarevn.  This one's about 10 bricks
tall and uses some interesting connections.  If you tweak
it a bit I think you could have something really fun.

Intruder class Sensory Warfare by tomohawxing.  This one is full of
greebles and interesting techniques.  My favorite bit is the fingers.

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