Monday, September 4, 2017

Review: Gundam Converge RMS-179 GM II Semi-Striker (149)

Let's start another Gundam Converge review week.

Box.  I paid $10.99 for this at Newbury Comics.


Disassembled.  The Beam Pike has to be a Double Melee, the head can be Defense or Spotting.  The Beam Sword on the backpack could be a SSR, or Spotting.  The connection on that one is pretty weak so you'll have to watch out for it.


Size Comparison.

The Questions:
Is it below, at, or above $10 per Frame?  Above.  (-5)
Is it a good size to use in a game?  Yes.  It's a little bigger than a Classic.  (+5)
How many parts does it have to represent systems?  Four.  (+5)
Does it have enough parts you can remove to represent White Dice damage?  Yes.  (+5)
Score: +10 (A-).  Not bad but not great.

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