Monday, April 30, 2018

Double Set Challenge: More Bang for Your Buck

Having been involved in no less than three different conversations about how to get started in Mobile Frame Zero since the end of PAX East I'm dipping my toes back into the Double Set Challenge.

The Friendship Flower polybag is a rockstar
of a set and should not be slept on.

The Guardian's Ship polybag
is also a good set.

Build.  Two Soldier frames (2Rd (gun) 1B (shield) 1G (extra legs) 1Y (target painter)) and a Station.

Leftover parts.

At $4.99 and $3.97 respectively, that's roughly $9.00 for two Frames and a Station.  Extrapolating that out, it's $18.00 for a Defender size Squad (4 units), $27.00 for an Attacker (6 units), and $36.00 for a Primary Attacker squad (8 units).  You also have plenty of leftover parts to convert into SSRs or other Attachments.  Both of these sets are currently available at Walmart.  Now all you need is a Ruler, dice, and other people to play against.

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