Friday, April 20, 2018

Non-Human 29

It's Friday, it's been about four months since I did one of these, and I'm feeling lazy.  Have some cool pictures to look at.

Reverse Leg Type 2 by legovaughan.  This is pretty spiffy.  I
really like the legs.  And of course it'a a blocked download.

and formidable looking all at the same time.

A Wee Mech by Marc Reid.  This one is full of neat techniques.

AMS FS99 Furungsmachine Mark II "Mistral" 07 by Benjamin Chen Ming Hanh.  This is supposed to be the head of a mech but it looks like a drone or some sort of hovering/flying mech to me.

Flutter Buster by Csaba.  We don't see three legged mechs very often.

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