Monday, January 7, 2019

Polly Want A Baggy 7

Wow, seven years of this?  Time flies when you're searching for that one specific piece in the pile of Lego that is life.  :-)  As usual, the information comes from Brickset.

30361 Fire ATV another ATV for the City fire department.  That looks to be a new Minifig Axe pice though.

30362 Sky Police Jetpack looks like it could be the core of some sort of drone.

30408 Tulips this has to be close to 60 pieces.

30409 Emma's Bumpercars I like the Blue and Purple pieces.

30527 Lucy vs. Alien Invader could be good for terrain?

30528 Mini Master-Building MetalBeard this one has already gotten traction on the Facebook page.

30529 Mini Master-Building Emmet looks like it has possibilities.

30533 Sam-X looks to be a Frame-in-a-Bag.

30535 Fire Flight another Ninjago throwback set.  Looks like it might be better than the original.

30571 Pelican not sure what to think of this.

30620 Star-Stuck Emmet Sand Green Pentagonal Tiles!

40341 Sea Accessories looks like it has some useful stuff but the Price per Piece is going to be awful.

Last year's crop of polybags started out weak but finished pretty strong, so maybe this year will turn out the same way.

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