Friday, January 5, 2018

Polly Wants A Baggy 6

Time for my yearly look at the upcoming polybags for the year.  As usual, the information comes from Brickset.

Straight out, the one that people have been raving about for a few weeks now, we look at 30542 Cute Pug.  Four Padlocks, plus a bunch of good pieces in Tan.  This has apparently hit Target stores in some locations already.

30450 Royal Talon Fighter looks like a ship-in-a-bag for Intercept Orbit.  But I'm willing to bet this will be a "free" giveaway in March when Black Panther hits the theaters.

30540 Yellow Flyer also looks like a ship-in-a-bag for Intercept Orbit.

30357 Road Worker may have some new pieces in it.  I'm looking at those Trans-Orange 1x1 Round Tiles though.

30359 Police Water Plane is probably going to be another ship-in-a-bag set.

We get another 30380 Kylo Ren Shuttle, although this looks to have moveable wings.

30404 Friendship Flower looks like it might have some good parts in it but it's a calendar voucher set.

30403 Olivia's Remote Control Boat also looks to have good parts but will have a horrible price point.

30526 Mini Ultimate Batmobile looks a parts-fest and will probably be a "free" giveaway.

Beyond that, I'm not really feeling wowed by 2018's crop of polybags.

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