MFZ Frame Instructions List

Here's a list of links to sets of instructions for different MFZ frames.  These are alphabetical by creator.

Massive Compilation of Frame Instructions by various. (PDF download)
2017 Frame Instruction Compilation by various.

Classic by Vincent Baker.

Mini-Hardsuit by ├čantha.

Gutbucket by Darcy Burgess.

Saturn by Deepcope.

Beetle by Dr.Watsman. (Breakdown)
Mars by Dr.Watsman. (Breakdown)

NV-4 Golem by DRevD

JA-32 Harrier Mk.II by Dukayn.
Laggar Delta by Dukayn.
Orion Mk.III by Dukayn
Shikra Assault by Dukayn
Stormcrow by Dukayn.
STK-7 Winmar by Dukayn.

Stiletto by Renel Ebro.

Un-Named by KMFisher. (Breakdown)

Goshawk by Freddotron. (Breakdown)

Blood Skull by Ironsniper.
Hammerhead by Ironsniper.

Marmot by Lafcadio Wluiki.

Crater Corporation Mech by Malcolm Craig.
Landmate by Malcolm Craig.
MgN-302 by Malcolm Craig.
MgN-311 by Malcolm Craig.

Crab Mecha by me.

Anaconda by MittenNinja.
Copperhead by MittenNinja.
Iguana by MittenNinja.
Landscript by MittenNinja.

Behemoth by MRaichelson.
Jerboa by MRaichelson.

Assaultmate Mk.1 by Neoaez.
Assaultmate Mk.2 by Neoaez.
Intruder by Neoaez.
Shiver by Neoaez.
Spectre by Neoaez.
Veloce by Neoaez.

Arwing Advanced by NimbusAConflict.

MetalStorm by Onosendai2600.

Knight by OrangeKnight.

Dreadnaught by Pasukaru 76.
Grunt Mk.3 by Pasukaru76.
Hollander by Pasukaru76.
Marauder by Pasukaru76.

Conscript by Soren Roberts.
Mekong by Soren Roberts.  (Intercept Orbit)

Mini-Frame by Squieu.
Takafashii-C by Squieu.

Habermas by Thomas Tamblyn.  (Breakdown)
Hobbes by Thomas Tamblyn. (Breakdown)

Warhorse by Triple Ought. (Breakdown)

Lockon by Vitor Faria (stripped down core).

Double Edge by Xezav.

XMF-91L McCoy by XGundam05.

Advanced Gunmate by A. Yates Industrials. (Breakdown)
AGM-23 Ankole by A. Yates Industrials
Badger by A. Yates Industrials. (Breakdown)
Goat by A. Yates Industrials. (Breakdown)
Gremlin by A. Yates Industrials.
Hopmate by A. Yates Industrials.


  1. A lot of the dropbox links are disabled, and the Dukayn links aren't loading

  2. Hi, is there an e-mail address I can send to have my design published on this site?

    1. Just tell me where your instructions are hosted and I'll post a link.

  3. Would you do a list for the IO ships?

  4. I realise this is a very old thread but does anyone have copies of the Dukayan pdfs before they were all deleted? I'm trying to find some of the Hawk series and really struggling

    1. Jill, all of those files have been restored.

  5. I love these builds and would like to see more io builds