Friday, June 1, 2012


In this post I'm going to "Toot My Own Horn".  Hence the acronym in the title.  There was some discussion in the Kickstarter comments section about how much mechs cost and what the price would be to assemble a team.  Well, after spending most of a morning surfing the Lego Pick-A-Brick interface, I can say that you can assemble a unit of eight of my Crab Mechs for $36 USD -- not including shipping.

That's right, eight of thesefor only $36.

Here's a link to my Brickshelf gallery of Crab Mecha.

While they're not as impressive as some of the mech designs that are out there, they're still pretty slick and look good as a team.

Not bad, eh?  They also have plenty of options for pallette swapping and alternate parts.  They can also be modified from the original design.  Like so.

Here's the part lists for Bricklink and Pick-A-Brick.

Bricklink Parts List:
4x4 Plate (x1)
2x4 Plate (x1)
1x1 Plate (x2)
3x1 Slope (x2)
3x1 Slope, Curved, No Studs (x4)
1x1 Plate, Modified w/Clip Light-Thick Ring (x4)
1x2 Plate, Modified w/Arm Up (Horizontal Arm 5mm Long) (x4)
1x2x1&1/3 Brick, Modified (x2)
2x2 Tile, Round w/Lifting Ring (x1)
2x2 Plate, Round w/Axle Hole (x2)
1/2 Technic Pin w/2L Bar Extension (x1)
Technic Axle Connector (Smooth) (x1)
1x1 Brick, Round w/Open Stud (x1)
Cone 1x1 w/Top Groove (x1)

Pick-A-Brick Parts List
Plate 4x4 (Design ID: 3031) (x1)
Plate 2x4 (Design ID: 3020) (x1)
Plate 1x1 (Design ID: 3024) (x2)
Roof Tile 1x3/25° (Design ID: 4286) (x2)
Roof Tile 1x1x2/3, Abs (Design ID: 54200) (x6)
Brick w/Bow 1/3 (Design ID: 50950) (x4)
Lamp Holder (Design ID: 4081) (x4)
Plate 1x2 W. Vertical Schaft (Design ID: 88072) (x4)
Brick W. Arch 1x1x1 1/3 (Design ID: 6091) (x2)
Round Plate 2x2 w/Eye (Design ID: 2376) (x2)
Plate 2x2 Round (Design ID: 4032) (x1)
3 M.Arch w/Knob And Shaft Ø3.2 (Design ID: 61184) (x1)
Cross Axle, Extension, 2M (Design ID: 59443) (x1)
Round Brick 1x1 (Design ID: 3062) (x1)
Nose Cone Small 1x1 (Design ID: 59900) (x1)

NOTE: I haven't provided any Element IDs so you can choose your own colors for your mechs.

Here's how to assemble them.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 4
Step 5

Whaddya think?


  1. Nice! I might have the bits to make one of these, and they are simple enough that when my 2 year old destroys it I'm not out 2 hours. :)

    1. Thanks. Be warned, they can be addictive to make. I've got at least 15 of them sitting around waiting to be used in MFZ games.

    2. My only complaint is the use of black in the photos, grey is much easier to eyeball.

    3. I don't have the plate 2x2 Round w/Eye/Axle Hole in Light Bley. That's the only reason I used Black.

    4. I really don't get the outrage about the new gray. Maybe its just because I was never really around when they were producing sets in the old grey, but I honestly have found that when I use the old grey, it just looks horrible! Maybe that's just me. I don't get it.

    5. I don't think there's any outrage here.

    6. Sorry, I wasn't talking about here, just in the AFOL community in general.

      You've probably read The Cult of Lego, but if you haven't, I'd highly suggest picking it up.


  2. A couple people have copied these, that I know of, here and here.