Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Classics

Before the new edition was announced, along with all the new mechs, the core mech was the Classic.  Designed by Vincent, it was a very adaptable frame.  I liked it so much I built several teams using the Classic frame.

This is the first team of Classics I built with a unified theme and color scheme.  The theme was an emphasis on melee weapons and the color scheme was Tan with Light Grey/Bley.

This was the second team.  It may have come number two on the program but its still number one in my heart.

If you want to get picky, these guys were my first team of Classics.  I bought them at my first Gencon.  They were kitted out differently for a while, until I had the idea to re-create all the designs in the original rulebook using this kit.

These guys were hanging around in my "to be finished" bin for a while.  It took me a long time to gather the parts I needed.  I'm still not sure I'm done muckin' about with 'em.

Like I said, very adaptable.

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