Sunday, June 24, 2012

PAX East 2012 Observations

1.) Joshua and I have very different playing and teaching styles.  Not that that's a bad thing, it's just interesting to see.

2.) Split range weapons, especially a Direct/HtH split, are not good when teaching people how to play MFZ.

3.) I just may not be skilled enough to make Split Range weapons work for my teams.

4.) Bring more snack-type food.  Running MFZ for 5(?) hours burns a lot of calories.


  1. There are really two or three split-range weapons:

    Near: HtH and Direct
    Far: Direct and Artillery
    WtF: HtH and Artillery

    Here's what I think of them.

    Near: At direct range, this just gets you a foothold for a spot die. At HtH, the contribution to damage is unlikely. If you go all-HtH you may get a green movement D8. Wouldn't that be better?

    Far: Lets you cash in others' spot dice, if they rolled a 6 or something, you can roll 1 red and 2 white dice and pretty much bank on a 3+. That's 3 hits against the highest armor roll, which is paying for the module right then. Not bad. Flexible range is nice. I guess I'd consider it, espcially on a ligher, 1-or-2-attachment frame. Bonus: take it as damage and get a speed boost.

    WtF: Uh, what's your role here man? I don't understand you.


    1. I know there is more than one type of Split weapon. I was just referring to the ones I had on a couple of mechs used as one of the demo teams. Right now I can't figure out if they're a sucker bet, or it's me that can't make them work.

    2. I think of the split weapons as 'toeholds' in a range for a frame that's primarily equipped with something else - my favorite artillery hog is 2d6+1d8 at Artillery range, but carries a split Direct/HtH carbine in addition to a Blue. That means I have just that little extra oomph I need if someone gets in under the range of my big guns, which makes it easier to back that guy off or retreat in good order.

      Also, if you're taking two weapons at different ranges, you might want to take a third weapon as split to get 3d6 at both ranges - it's a good way to split up big flamethrowers or powerful sniper rifles into a distinct category of weapon.

  2. We know you know. :)