Monday, August 6, 2012

Good Sets for Parts, Part 3

With the new sets for the summer finally on the shelves, we have a few more really good sets for MFZ parts.

9448 Samurai Mech is only $39.99 for 452 pieces.  You get a slew of really good ones; hinges, clips, bars, cheese slopes, technic, new brackets, lots of gold bits, and two funky new pieces -- a new connector and an inverted tile.

9463 The Werewolf is $19.99 for 243 pieces.  This one is from the new Monster Fighters line.  It doesn't have quite as many neat parts as the Samurai Mech but, it is a smaller set.  It does have four Taps though.

9461 The Swamp Creature is $6.99 for 70 pieces.  Another Monster Fighters set, this -- being a small set -- only has a handful of parts.

4208 4x4 Fire Truck is $21.99 for 243 pieces.  A good range of parts in Green, Black, Grey, and Red.

4434 Tipper Truck is $21.99 for 222 pieces.  This one isn't so new but it does feature a bunch of good pieces at a decent price point.

All of these sets fall into or under the 10 cents per part "golden ratio".

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  1. 40031 Bunny & Chick is currently on sale at the lego store for $1.48 a set, which is a pretty smoking deal! Even with shipping, it's at about $0.05 a piece and each set has 4 travis bricks...

    1. It's mentioned in the "Buying Lego Sets for MFZ" post.

  2. It's existence is mentioned, the sale price of $1.48 instead of $4.99 is not.

  3. Yeah, I picked up two sets of Bunny & Chick this past weekend on my first trip to the Austin LEGO store. Also picked up the Star Wars Brickmaster book as well, and a nice cup of random parts for $8.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

    John Phelps