Monday, January 7, 2013

Polly Want A Baggy?

Dear god, that title is soooo wrong.  Anyway.  Brickset has released a list of some of the new polybags for 2013. Some of them are not really interesting for us but, there are a bunch that could come in handy for the MFZ community.

30167 Iron Man vs. Fighting Drone
30240 Star Wars Z-95 Headhunter
30241 Star Wars Gauntlet
30242 Star Wars Republic Frigate
30243 Star Wars Umbarran HMC
30253 Leonidas' Jungle Dragster
30254 Razcal's Double Crosser
30252 Crug's Swamp Jet
30251Winzar's Pack Patrol
30185 Little Eagle
30231 Space Insectoid
30230 Mini Mech
30211 Uruk-Hai w/Ballista

These are good, but not great. They'll help build up a stockpile of parts.
30183 Little Car
40053 Easter Bunny w/Basket
40061 Penguins & Igloo
40073 Panda
30184 Little Helicopter
41017 Squirrel's Tree House
41018 Cat's Playground
41019 Turtle's Little Oasis
41020 Hedgehog's Hideaway
41021 Poodle's Little Palace
41022 Bunny's Hutch

Good hunting!


  1. Man, get a bunch of those "30243 Star Wars Umbarran HMC" and you've got an Ijad company right there.

  2. Woo! New poly's! The Umbarram HMC could be used for MFZ straight outta the bag.

  3. The Little Car set is to scale right out of the bag, some modifications, you have a destroyed car for terrain, or even something for a station.

    1. I'm not so sure it's in scale. In 6P it'd be roughly 18' long x 10' wide x 7' tall. The length and width are fine, the height is a little problematic for a "little" car.