Thursday, January 17, 2013

Purity 2

We continue with the use of non-Lego parts in MFZ builds.

LowestFormofWit is back at it again.  Tablescrap Bug.

And again.  ST-28I F-type "Seraph" - Paladin variant.

Milt69466 continues as well.  Little Dragons Company.

These are two older ones from LowestFormofWit.

NR-31d "Vavasour" Artillery Variant.

NR-47 "Marquis".

Here's a shot of several of the parts used by LFoW.

After seeing a few KREO sets on the clearance shelves at a few retail stores I've honestly thought about jumping on this bandwagon myself.

The original "Purity" post can be found here.

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