Monday, July 15, 2013

Purity 9: Kre-O Micro-Transformers Review 2

Okay, so I caved in and bought more.

This is the bag from the first series of Micro-Transformers.

This is "Blast Off".  I've just noticed now the helmet is missing.

The 2x2 neck bracket is an interesting piece.

I think this is "Crankstart".  This is a 1st series Micro-Transformer.

I find the translucent color of the gun neat.

This is the one I'd wanted since I first got a look at the Micro-Transformers in the 2nd series, "Airachnid".

Those claw/leg pieces look great.  The clip-on missiles could be great for SSRs.  The 1x1 plate with 2 vertical clips could be very useful too.

Once again, get these on sale if you can.  Of course being able to buy the ones you want will help immensely.

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