Friday, July 19, 2013

Purity X: A2235/A2205 Kre-O Mech Venom Strike Review

Here's another Kre-O set review.  Okay, I admit it, I can't help myself.  The pieces that you can get with Kre-O that you can't get with Lego intrigue me.

Here's the box the set in question is packaged in.  I will say this for the Kre-O sets, they do have sturdier boxes than Lego.

The stickers and the instruction book.

Here are the parts.  You can see the parts that compose the "snake mech" running down the right side of the picture. Up at the top you can see a cylinder that looks like the barrels of a Gatling Gun.  The 1x1 with a double bar down near the bottom looks really neat.  The "robot claws" over on the left side look useful.  They actually have more attachment points than the Lego version.

Last, but not least, we have the Kreon for the set.  Again we see a 2x2 Neck Bracket.  I see a good looking helmet and more "wheels".  I'm not sure what I might do with the latter.

The website lists this at $3.99.  Toys'R'Us, where I got mine, has it at $6.99  At MSRP, 49 pieces is a great deal -- $0.08 per piece.  AT TRU pricing, $0.14 per piece, not so much.  So try and pick this up on sale.  I give it a B- as the set consists mainly of accent pieces.

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