Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Review: 30240 Z-95 Headhunter Polybag

I received this as part of a sale at TRU.  It's one of the small Star Wars sets that are currently available.

This is the bag it comes in.

Instructions and small parts.  You can see a couple of Clip Tiles, a couple of Lampholders, and a couple of Minifig Neck Brackets.  It also has a few 1x1 Plate w/Teeth and 1x1 Round Tiles.  A fair assortment of parts.

Here are the larger parts in the set.  What's of most interest is the 3x3 Plate in the upper right hand corner.  I could use that for my Block-Chest frames.

Since I received this as part of a sale, I didn't pay very much for it.  (Spend $20, get it free)  It normally retails at $4.99 or so.  It hits the sweet spot for price but only has a handful of really useful parts.  By my new rating scale it should be a B+ but I don't feel that it deserves to be rated that high.

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  1. At Meijer in the US, I've found it consistently for $3.49. The 1x3 tiles are nice too. That and the model itself is very, very swooshable >.>