Monday, December 30, 2013

Looking Back

With the new year a less than two days away, I thought I'd take a look back at the where we've been.  Let's hop back to last year for a second though.  Back in the first week of December of 2012, I set out some pacing guidelines for myself.  I wanted to post twice a week.  This is the 156th post for 2013.  Combine that with the 13 from last December and you have 169.  Which breaks down to a tiny bit more than three posts per week for 56 weeks.  Not bad.  I'm going to try and hold this pace through 2014.

Looking at this year, I did a review of a Character Builder blind bag in April.  That was my first review.  I did another in May and June.  July is when I really got rolling with six reviews.  It was also in July that I developed my review and rating system.  I've done sixteen more reviews since that point.  That's a total of 24, which averages out to two per month.  Pretty good for only starting in May.  A few people have adopted my review system and done their own reviews.  This makes me happy as it means I've given something useful to the MFZ community.

I'm now north of 150K views.  Looks like I broke that barrier in the first week of December or so.  I broke 50K in late November 2012, so it took roughly a year to get 100K more views.  That breaks down to 1800+ views per week over 53 weeks.  Thanks people!

2013 felt like a good year for me in terms of MFZ.  I got to attend PAX East again, I got to play MFZ outside of PAX East, I picked up a ton of Lego cheap, and I gave a few friends a bunch of Lego so they can start their own collections.  Let's see what 2014 has to offer.  :-)

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