Friday, December 6, 2013

Build Journal: Clockwork Ruffian

I'm working on a new frame.  I originally called it the "Loki" because of the helmet.  I decided though that due to the large chest this doesn't look quite as svelte as a Loki might look.  I then decided that this would be called the "Ruffian".  The "Clockwork" addition came along a little later as this looks slightly steampunky to my eye.

Angled and front views.

I started with a torso section I copied from Pasukaru 76.  My problems with using it are detailed here.

Front and side views.  The small wings are an addition of mine.

I then added arms, a front plate, and a head.  The arms are a minor variation on what I used on the Hephaestus.

The legs were created separately.  They're a little spindly and will probably go through another iteration before I'm finished.

Here's a comparison shot with a Chub to give you an idea of its size.  I'm still working on this one and I'm not sure where it's going to end up or what the final look is going to be.

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