Friday, December 27, 2013


I received a Lego Store gift card for Christmas.  I also had some frequent buyer points running out.  So I went to the Lego store and splurged a little.  I bought a small Pick-A-Brick cup as the wall had some pieces I wanted.  I also bought a 21013 Big Ben and five 30185 Little Eagle polybags.  I'll review both of those sets at a later date.

What I want to do now is show you how I fill a PaB cup.  Since I didn't take pictures while I was placing pieces into it, I'll just show you the pieces as they come out.

My method for filling a cup involves making stacks of the pieces that will do so, and filling in the left-over space with loose pieces that do not stack.  I also fill in that little space in the lid to get the most use of the cup.  Do not forget to tamp the cup after every time you add loose fill.  It can take a fair amount of time to assemble the pieces into stacks while you put them in the cup so be sure you set aside enough time to do so.

80 pieces.

64 pieces.

62 pieces.

45 pieces.

27 Lever & Bases, 51 Trans-Clear cheese slopes, 117 Olive Green cheese slopes, and two bricks that somehow didn't make it into a picture.  And let's not forget the 16 bricks in the lid.  That gives us a total of 464 pieces for $7.99.  Which is $0.02 per piece.  There are other methods out there for filling PaB cups but I prefer this one.

Now I just have to set aside some time to sort and build!

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